"The blues ain't nothing but a good man feelin' bad"


augustus 23rd 2015
Zebrafestival 2015 Gemert
Zebrafestival 2015
Yesterday we played a great gig at the Zebrafestival Gemert. Full throttle, we stepped on it and the audience loved it and so did we, thanks Gemert and we will se you again maybe next year? Great festival.

february 28th 2015
Gig at Bluescafe Apeldoorn
Apeldoorn feb 2015
Last friday again at Bluescafe Apeldoorn. Another great gig there. Allways crowded with blues minded people. That's why we allways love to play there. It was a great evening for the audience and for us. Jan thanx again and we'll see you in december.

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Apeldoorn feb 2015
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Apeldoorn feb 2015

january 7th 2015
Optreden RTV Zwolle, Bluesworld
Zwolle RTV
Yesterday we played a gig for Bluesworld at radio Zwolle. At RTV Zwolle with Cor and Tonio. Interviews and a live gig on radio, a great evening. Thanks Bluesworld.
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oktober 26th 2014
Grand Cafe de Hopbel Schijndel
Schijndel 2014
A full Grand Cafe de Hopbel atSchijndel yesterday evening. A fantastic crowd, this was going to be a great gig for sure and it was. We'll come back here next year, the barowner assured us we can.

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Schijndel 2014

may 24th 2014
Bluescafe Apeldoorn
Bluescafe Apeldoorn 2014
A fantastic gig last night in Apeldoorn at our official album release at the Bluescafe. We played a full gig with all of the songs from the new album. It was a great night and the crowd was awesome. Thanks Apeldoorn and we'll see you next time.

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de Preek 2013

may 14th 2014
New album "Jamming at Lucifer's"
Jamming at Lucifer's
Today we received the new album "Jamming at Lucifer's". The long awaited successor of Someday. The second album with 11 tracks written by the band members. May 23rd will be the official release at Bluescafe Apeldoorn. Some of the lyrics refer to Pim and Arnold. The titeltrack Jamming at Lucifer’s is one of them. It tells the story of how Pim en Arnold somewhere in the sky keep jamming at Lucifer's bar. P&A-boogie also refers to Pim en Arnold (“why they had to go”). The album shows a great diversity of bluesstyles. From smaal as in All she wants, traditional in Black cat blues to rougher in You and Me, A shot of blues en Quit your low down ways. But you can also find ballads like Bad luck coming my and When I think of you on this album. At the tab soundclips you can listen to clips of all the tracks. The CD is 10 euros.

december 8th 2013
bar de Preek Uden
de Preek 2013
What a night last night in bar de Preek Dec 7. A top performance in a crowded cafe. A crazy evening especially when Lee Roy joined us for a few songs. It's still a great bar with a great audience to play for. These are the gigs that make us do what we do. Patrick and the rest of the crew thanks and hopefully soon to yet another great evening.

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de Preek 2013

october 25th 2013
recordings new CD december 2013
At the end of december we'll start the recordings for our next CD, the successor of our first album 'Someday". The release is probably somewhere in spring 2014. 6 years after Someday but again with just our own material

augustus 17th 2013
de Machinist Oss
Mol 2013
We are still basking in the afterglow of yesterdayevenings success in Oss at bar de Machinist. What a great place to have a gig and did we have a fantastic audiance yesterday. Brabant at its best. We will go to de Machinist.

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Machinist 2013

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march 17th 2013
t Voske Mol Belgium
Mol 2013
Yesterday we played a gig in Mol Belgium. In a tent behind the bar and we had a fantastic gig. Four encores and that's why we were so late on our way back home, but hey they loved it so we will be back here. Maybe next year. Thanks Geert & Myriam and see you next time in Mol

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Bluesbus Bluescafe Apeldoorn 2012

december 01st 2012
The Bluesbus to Bluescafe Apeldoorn
Apeldoorn 2012
With the Bluesbus to the Bluescafe Apeldoorn. It was absolutely fantastic, first in the bus and later during the gig at the Bluescafe. A great evening for the true bluesfans which started in the bluesbus which drove us very relaxed to Apeldoorn. The bus started in Veghel drove to Schaijk eto pick up some fans and finally to Ravenstein. In a crowdy cafe in Apeldoorn we played a fantastic gig and performed three new songs which the audience deffinitely loved. The crowed in Apeldoorn was truely fantastic. People were singing along and dancing and everybody was hevang a great time. Thanx Apeldoorn you were amazing. And like Jan said, we will be be back, soon and we won't wait a few years like the last time, so see you next year. It was a great night and the trip with the bus was also a succes so we will certainly do this again.

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Bluesbus Bluescafe Apeldoorn 2012

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august 13 2012
Release videoclip and mp3 of the single Doe Di Doe De
Doe Di Doe De
Today we finaly release the long awaited videoclip end the mp3 of our single Doe Di Doe De. We released it through Social Media (Youtube en Facebook). You can download the mp3 temporarily for free from our site and you can listen and download it on Sporify and iTunes. Een Rock & Roll song in Brabants dialect. check the video on youtube.
videoclip Doe Di Doe De

june 17 2012
june 16 gig at cafe op d'n Hoek Veghel
Yesterday we played at Cafe op d'n Hoek Veghel. What a great night is was. We've realy got some great footage for our videoclip. The audiance was helping us out and that will absolutely make a fantasic video. We still have to make some shots outside and then we're ready to make the clip. Thanks Café op den Hoek and most off all we want to thank the audiance for doing their part so well and a special thanks for the cameramen Bart, Marcel and Jan Pieter. This is going to bee a great videoclip.

may 13 2012
May 12 at Kaffee Lambiek Tilburg
Yesterday we played a gig at Kaffee Lambiek in Tilburg. What a great place to play and what a great crowd. And of course we played our song Doe di doe deh and they loved it and all the other stuff as well. It was a blast to play for that audiance. Jan the owner of the bar promised us we can come back next year and we surely will. So see you next year at Kaffee Lambiek.

April 17 2012
De Preek Uden april 15 2012
De Preek 2012
Last sunday we played a gig at bar de Preek in Uden and it was partytime over there. Allways good to play ther. It was crowded and we saw a lot of familiar faces there. We played our new song Doe di doe deh for the first time. For the first time we wrote a song in Brabants and not in english en the crowd loved it, check out the video on youtube.

March 06 2012
From now on you can get in contact with us on Facebook as well. Volg ons op FaceBook

januari 29 2012
Support Act Julian Sas de Groene Engel Oss jan. 28th 2012
Dofferblues 2011
What a great evening yesterday at de Groene Engel Oss. We were support act of Julian Sas and it was great, the audiance was fantastic, the place was allmost packed when we started and they loved it. The evening started really good with Julian Sas and his band, what a bunch of great guys they are. We had dinner together first and as we were working on our soundcheck Julian and his band came out of the dressingroom to listen to our soundcheck, really nice of them. Backstage it was a lot of fun too, Julian and Hans couldn't stop talking about guitars and amplifiers and what kind they had through the years to get the right sound, what a great evening we had with those guys. Thanks Julian and band and thanks to de Groene Engel and most of all thanks to Willy en Liesbeth.

januari 15 2012
Gig at 3 Heere Schaijk
3 Heere 2012
Yesterday we played at 3 Heere in Schaijk. An evening with a lot of familiar faces wich made the evening very special for us. This was the first time we played our new song Black cat blues and at the end of the song almost everybody sang along. A nice gig and we'll be back soon at 3 Heere. Check the videos on youtube.

nov. 10 2011
Support Act Julian Sas
Januari 28th 2012 we're support act at a gig of Julian Sas at de Groene Engel Oss.
Agenda de Groene Engel

nov. 06 2011
Gig at Dofferblues 2011
Dofferblues 2011
Dofferblues 2011 was a fantastic edition and we opened the festival. We started at eight thirty and five minutes later the place was filled. This was the first time we played our new song P & A Boogie. A song about our dear bluesbuddies Pim and Arnold and we had to play this song here at this festival because this was their festival. It went wel so check the videos on youtube.

okt. 16 2011
Optreden 't Gat in de Markt
Yesterday we played again at bar 't Gat in de Markt in Veghel. A small bar with a lot of familiar faces for us. Played Whipping Post fot the first time and the crowd appreciated it.

june 19 2011
PinksterLIVE june 18 2011
PinksterLIVE at The Holy Cow Schijndel was a real party. What a great festival in beautiful bar with a top crowd. We came early to see the JPK-band. After their performance we got on stage and played our song a shot of blues for the first time. It was a fantastic evening where JPK-band-guitarist Jan Pieter joined us at the end of the show, a great ending of the show with two fantastic guitarists. After our gig we stayed to see Miss Delta and that made the evening a complete succes. Awesome festival. Holy Cow thanx and we will be back.

may 01 2011
download Someday at BLUESDVD
Now you can download the songs from our album "Someday" at BLUESDVD

april 18 2011
Down and Dirty op Twitter
From now on you can follow us en keep in touch on Twitter Follow downanddirtynl on Twitter

february 02 2011
Radio Blues-Time february 2011
This month our CD Someday is CD of the month at radio Blues-Time. Every thursdayevening at vechtdal FM (also on internet vechtdalfm.nl). Tomorrowevening they'll play Don't you sugar me baby, Someday and What's goin' on.

january 17 2011
De Potter Schaijk 01-16-2011
de Potter
Yesterday we played in bar cafe de Potter, Schaijk. A homegame with many friends, a great afternoon with a great crowd.

december 12 2010
't Gat in de Markt Veghel
Yesterday we played at bar 't Gat in de Markt in Veghel. A beautifull small bar. A great atmosphere and a wonderfull crowd which made this gig nice and cosy and at the same time a blast.

october 17 2010
Bluesparty Mook
Yesterday we played at the Bluesparty in Mook. What a great festival. The crowd was awesome and we ourselves enjoyed it just as much. A wonderfull evening we and the audience will surely remember with joy. Mook thanx.

april 5 2010
De Keijzer Spijkenisse
Yesterday was the gig at bar de Keijzer in Spijkenisse. And this was without a doubt our greatest gig ever. What a great bar and above all what a magnificent audience. We enjoyed it from the first note till the last. Some people in the audience jumped on stage spontaneously and joined us which made the party complete. What a crazy afternoon, we will definitely do this again. De Keijzer and all visitors thank you, we will definitely go back there. De Keijzer is a must for any bluesband.

december 20 2009
Cafe Royal Mill
Last saturday we played at bar Royal Mill. Many people came dispite the freezing cold and we were greatfull for their sacrefice. A special evening wich we ended with Tush for the first time and the crowd loved it. Hans Schuurmans apeared as guest with his trumpet and played some fantastic solo's. (it's on our youtube-site) Royal is still a graet place to play and we will defenitly be back.

october 25 2009
Bluescafe Duke Maastricht
Last friday and saturday we played the gigs at Bluescafe Duke in Maastricht. Two great gigs for us in a fantastic Bluescafe. The atmospheer was awsome and got even better when barowner Gaby got up on the stage to play with us and we all had a ball. We look back at an unforgettable Weekend in Maastricht. Thanx Gaby en Monique and of course the crowd at Bluescafe Duke in Maastricht.

june 05 2009
Jazz Maastricht
The gigs at Jazz Maastricht in Bluescafe Duke october 23rd and 24th are defenite. In october we'll be playing twice in Maastricht at Bluescafe Duke.

may 10 2009
First gig with Nico
The gig saturdaynight may 9th at bar de drie Heere in Schaijk felt as a new start for us. After all the set-backs we made a new start and it felt good, it was good. A great evening with more to follow. There are some new gigs scheduled and we're looking forward in to the future with more new gigs.

february 6 2009
farewell to Pim
We are shocked and intensely sad by the unexpected death of our bluesbuddy.
On february 6th 2009 we again got a sad message of the death of a friend and bluesbuddy.
Thursday February 5th Pim our guitarist died. Pim, only the beautiful memories remain. Memories of much pleasure, fun and beautiful music with you.
We say farewell to a fantastic musician and wonderfull person. We will miss you ........

The blues ain't nothing but a good man feelin' bad.

oktober 2 2008
a new drummer
Nico Vreeburg is the new drummer. After the auditions Nico was obviously the best choice. He has got the same ambitions and musicaly there was a connection right away.
Yesterday we had our first rehearsal and now we're going to work hard so we'll quickly be ready for new gigs.
We do need some time though to work on all the songs with Nico. So please have some patience, but don't worry we'll be back soon.

september 28 2008
CD releaseparty september 27
Yesterday we had our official releaseparty of our new CD "Someday". An evening where we played all the songs of our new CD with guestdrummer Egbert van Gruythuyzen. It was a great evening with guestmusicians Richard Severijns, Lee-Roy and Nico Vreeburg in in the last extra set.
An evening where we also looked back at the passed months and the loss of Arnold, this was what he really wanted to do but unfortunately he couldn't. But we like to believe that he watched us from above and enjoyed it just the same.

21 augustus 2008
We will go on
Tonight, we gathered as the band, for the first time since Arnold's funeral. The decision was made (in great part because of encouragement and support from those who are close to us): We Will Go On... We don't want all that we have accomplished with Arnold over the last few years to just fade away.

august 5 2008
A sad day
On august 5th 2008 we received the tragic news that Arnold, our drummer, friend en bluesbuddy died. Arnold, thanks for all the beautiful years with you in the band. We thankfully remember all the great gigs and the fun we had together and we remember the pleasure we had playing music with you. A couple of years ago we spoke of recording a CD with only our own songs on it, one of your dreams too. It's a great comfort and support for us that we were able to realize that dream with you.

Say goodbye, Say goodbye to the blues,
The road has finally taken you,
Where there ain't, where there ain't no more bad news.
Play on, play on through the darkest night,
The road has finally taken you,
Where everything, everything is gonna be allright,
It's gonna be allright,
No more pain, no more sorrow.
(Walter Trout)

june 27 2008
the release of our new CD "Someday"
Today we released our new CD "Someday". The first CD we release with only songs written by the band. Last year we recorded the first half and this year we recorded the second half and today is the release. You can check out songclips of the songs. The CD is 10 euros.

april 7 2008
Recordings for the new CD april 06 2008
We recorded the last five songs for our new CD yesterday. We recorded the songs I ain't no good, On the way out, Blues on wheels, My pigeon and Going to Florida. It went well and we were very pleased with the results. Now all we have to do is mix and master it and we're done. The design of the cover is almost ready and if everything works out the way we planned we'll release the CD in may.

january 27 2008
Gig at bar Royal Mill jan. 26 2008
The gig saturdaynight at bar Royal in Mill was perfect. A great crowd. This night we played our new song "Blues on wheels" for the first time. The audience loved the new song right from the start which made the night even better for us. Royal is a great bar for a bluesband to play, thanks guys.

november 19 2007
Gig at bar de Preek nov. 18 2007
de Preek Uden nov. 18 2006
The gig yesterday at bar de Preek in Uden was awesome. The crowd was absolutely fantastic. At the end of the gig there was a guestappearance of local guitarist Lee Roy and with him we had a great ending of a fantastic evening. The gig was as great for the crowd as it was for us. Bar de Preek we'll be back.

october 1 2007
New look for the site
Today we gave the site a comlete make-over, it looks a lot sharper and more professional, let us know what you think of it in the guestbook

july 5 2007
clips of our own songs on the site
Today we placed the first six of our own songs on the site, hopefully we can record some more this year so we can release our first cd with our own material at the end of 2007 or early 2008

March 24 2007
Recordings of our own songs
Today we recorded six of our own songs at the studio of popkollektief in Oss. We recorded Don't you sugar me baby again and the songs What's goin' on, Someday, So Good, Pain and Sorrow en The smell of Old Spice. We're still working on some other songs and we hope to record them later this year. We'll put some soundclips on the site soon.

januari 21 2007
bar Goei Volluk Cuijk
This afternoon we played at bar Goei Volluk in Cuijk, a bluesbar. The place was fully packed and the crowd was great. It was a nice gig and we had a lot of people dancing. The atmosphere was really fantastic. We can say that we started the year very good in Cuijk.

december 24 2006
3 Heere Schaijk
3 Heere 2006 Jumping Johnny
Yesterday we played again at bar drie Heere in Schaijk, it was fantastic. It was a great night for us and the audience. Everything was right. It was also the evening that we played our new song "Someday" for the first time, it sounded solid and the audience just loved it. A fantastic ending of a great year and a good inspiration for next year. And for now we wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year and we'll see you again next year.

november 19 2006
Dofferblues 2006 with Sax Gordon
Sax Gordon
The gig yesterday at the Dofferblues festival was a great succes, the gig featuring Sax Gordon was fantastic and the audience was absolutely awesome. The place was packed and together with the audience we made it a great party. We had three extra hornplayers which gave the whole performance an extra swinging dimension. We started in our regular setting later joined by the hornplayers and of course Sax Gordon. It's absolutely fantastic to play with such a great musician and performer like Sax Gordon and the crowd loved it.

june 5 2006
Jazz in Duketown
Jazz in Duketown 4-6-06
Yesterday we played a second gig at Jazz in Duketown and this gig too was one great party, the crowd was goin' wild and people were dancing on the pooltable. We had some guests playing with us and together with them and the audience we had a great time.

june 4 2006
Jazz in Duketown
Jazz in Duketown 3-6-06
The gig yesterday in 't Vliegend Hert' at Jazz in Duketown was one great party, the wether was fantastic and the audience absolutely great. Two years ago we played in the same bar at Jazz in Duketown and we had a great gig then, so we were really looking forward to this gig and it was absolutely fantastic.

november 14 2005
Bluescafe Apeldoorn
The gig at bluescafe Apeldoorn november 27 is cancelled due to illnes of one of the bandmembers and rescheduled june 25 2006

september 9 2005
Private party with special guest Sax Gordon
Sax Gordon
Yesterday Wim and Elly had a party where we played with the american saxaphoneplayer Sax Gordon. It was an absolutely great party, it's really great to play with such a fantastic artist and entertainer. First we want to thank Wim en Elly for an exciting party and last but certainly not least we want to thank Sax Gordon for this unforgettable musical happening.

july 2 2005
Brotherhood mc Antwerp (Kontich)
Brotherhood mc Antwerp
Saturday july 2 a gig at motorclub Brotherhood Antwerp. A great gig on a beautiful location of Brotherhood mc. We wanted to play some more at the end of the third set but Frank litterally lost his voice and we were unable to give anymore encore's. Brotherhood mc Antwerp thanks for making our second visit to Antwerp absolutely fantastic.

july 1 2005
Kid's Rythm and blues kaffee Antwerp
Last friday, finally a gig at Kid's in Antwerp. When we played in Antwerp last year we allready knew, this place is a must for every bluesband. It was beyond our expectations, the gig was super and the crowd was fantastic. We've got this thing for Antwerp and friday was no exception again a great gig. If it's the city or the people we don't know but every time we play we're having ourselves a ball.

march 31 2005
bar 3 Heere in Schaijk
easterday, after a long while on stage again, we've been away for a while due to illness of some bandmembers. But now we're back, and the place was absolutely filled to the last spot and along with the crowd we had ourselves a ball, a fantastic gig.

april 13 2005
Don't you sugar me baby
Wednesday april 13 we recorded the song 'Don't you sugar me baby'. The song written by Frank and Hans is a great succes on every gig, that's why we wanted to record this one. The last gig was filmed and we want to use that material and this recording to make a clip.

may 30 2004
bar Mad Mick Jazz in Duketown
Yesterday was the gig in bar Mad Mick in 's-Hertogenbosch at the jazz in Duketown festival. We played small sets and after one or two songs the bar was filled with people. During the breakes people walked out again but every time we started playing the place was filled again. A lot of bluesfans show up at Jazz in Duketown. The place was on fire, Mad Mick was happy, the crowd was happy and so were we. It wouldn't surprise me if next year at Jazz in Duketown you can find us again at Mad Mick's in 's-Hertogenbosch, we'll keep you posted.

december 21 2003
Gig at De Groene Engel
Yesterday was the gig at bar "de Groene Engel" in Oss. It was a fantastic gig with a wonderful audience. A great place for a bluesband to play with a real bluesminded audience.

december 17 2003
Demo "Blue" is ready
The new demo "Blue is ready, we're gonna put some soundclips of this new demo on this site very soon.

october 12 2003
back in the studio
We're going to record the new demo "Blue"

july 12 2003
This Newspage renewd
This newspage has a new face as of today. A newspaper-like appearence with the latest newsfacts on the band and its members

june 25 2003
Our own domain www.downanddirty.nl
The homepage has its own domain www.downanddirty.nl. It's finally there, makes things a lot easier.

may 23 2003
Infopages renewd
The pages bandinfo are entirely remade. A newer and better interface with information of the band and its members

march 19 2003
New sologuitarist
Hans van der Wijst
After Ton left us last week we went lookin' for a new sologuitarist right away. The same week we contacted Hans van der Wijst and hereby we proudly present our new sologuitarist, there was chemistry right from the start and with Hans we're back in business.

march 12 2003
Ton is leaving the band
Ton our sologuitarist wants to leave the band, he wants to focus on other things than music. We wish him good luck with that.

january 15 2003
The recordings are ready, soon we'll launch the new demo. A couple of soundclips are allready on this site.