"The blues ain't nothing but a good man feelin' bad"

Pim "the Shuffle" Meeuwsen - Rhythmguitar

feb. 6 1948 - feb. 5 2009

We are shocked and intensely sad by the unexpected death of our bluesbuddy.
On february 6th 2009 we again got a sad message of the death of a friend and bluesbuddy.
Thursday February 5th Pim our guitarist died. Pim, only the beautiful memories remain. Memories of much pleasure, fun and beautiful music with you.
We say farewell to a fantastic musician and wonderfull person. We will miss you ........

Bluesband Down and Dirty

The blues ain't nothing but a good man feelin' bad.

Pim has played the guitar ever since he was a kid. Always at home with his (Spanish) acoustic guitar. Until Carnival 1995, while enjoying one (or more) alcoholic beverages with John and Arnold, the idea was conceived to start a blues band.

From that moment on, the world became his oyster and he enjoys every minute with the band.

In spite of being self-taught, like so many guitar players, he plays a great shuffle

In the meantime he owns a pretty good selection of guitars. (Gibson Les Paul Standard, Frances Stratocaster and a Takamine Santa Fe to practise on at home). Pim forms the basis of Auwzum Wan'klank, together with Arnold and John.