"The blues ain't nothing but a good man feelin' bad"

Arnold van der Heijden - drums

dec. 8 1957 - aug. 5 2008

On august 5th 2008 we received the tragic news that Arnold, our drummer, friend en bluesbuddy died.
Arnold, thanks for all the beautiful years with you in the band.
We thankfully remember all the great gigs and the fun we had together and we remember the pleasure we had playing music with you.
A couple of years ago we spoke of recording a CD with only our own songs on it, one of your dreams too. It's a great comfort and support for us that we were able to realize that dream with you.

Bluesband Down and Dirty

Say goodbye, Say goodbye to the blues,
The road has finally taken you,
Where there ain't, where there ain't no more bad news.
Play on, play on through the darkest night,
The road has finally taken you,
Where everything, everything is gonna be allright,
It's gonna be allright,
No more pain, no more sorrow.
(Walter Trout)

Drummer Arnold van der Heijden started making music at an early age, but was completely burned out by age 18. It wasn't until 10 years later that the itch returned when friends at the local club were contemplating to start a band. The Houseband was born, a bunch of musicians who really enjoyed making music and showcased that during all their concerts on the different stages throughout the Netherlands.

After a few years of Houseband, Van der Heijden decided the time had come for more serious work. With a strong preference for the (rock)blues he established the Kloteband (Balls band), that later became New Balls Please. Indeed a band largely influenced by blues, but strongly supporting the better pop music. The band disintegrated after differences of opinion about which direction to follow.

Arnold van der Heijden founded Old Spice, a pure bluesband that culminated in Down & Dirty. That's where the drummer feels right at home. Wonderfully dynamic blues, sometimes extremely subdued and then exuberant.

To stay fresh, Arnold van der Heijden also plays the drums in the bigband Landerband and the Carnival orchestra Auwzum Wan'klank.